Ideas on What to Do in Lombok


 Welcome to Lombok, a tiny Indonesian island that provides uncrowded white sand beaches with crystal clear water, shores which will make you breathless, world-class surf breaks, unique cultural activities and more adventures than your trip could contain! Lombok has often been likened to nearby neighbour Bali, however at least a decade of evolution behind, with less traffic, fewer tourists, but both incredible all-natural attractions.

If you are a couple wishing for a romantic escapade, this region includes some of the best beaches you’ll see in Indonesia, with cheap hotels that will sweep you off your toes. Surfers, both novice, expert and everybody in between, will find the perfect wave down from the southwest. Culture nuts will love learning about the design, weaving and artwork of the Sasak folks. And when it’s an adventure you’re after, you better buckle up because Lombok has a number of the most incredible volcano treks, waterfalls and jungle hikes you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Enjoy our listing of the idea on what to do in Lombok.

Challenge Yourself to Hike Mount Rinjani

One of the island’s most famous beaches, Mount Rinjani is the active volcano in Northern Lombok. This hike is actually not for the faint of heart; it’s super challenging. Climb to 3726 meters and Rinjani is the second most crucial volcano in Indonesia. This hike is likely to check your mental and physical strength, but in case it is possible to reach the top, the views which make everything worth it.

You can even take it in your own pace, with different Mount Rinjani tours requiring two, three or even four days based on your ability level and how much time you can allot. Three days/ two nights is a typical selection and enables you time to take in your surroundings and revel in a peek at the Crater Lake. The four days/three nighttime excursion is for those that want to take it at a slower pace and enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park.

When planning your Mount Rinjani increase, an incredible thing to understand is the volcano is closed every year from January to the end of March due to the rainy season. Therefore, if you wish to escalate it, then you’d better strategy around that. Even inside the trekking season, it’s always best to reach out to trekking companies to inspect the present status.


Explore Mount Rinjani Crater Rim

If you would like a taste of Rinjani, without needing to dedicate to the entire experience, you can try out the Crater Rim increase. This trek is fair for novices and excellent if you’re short on time as it’s just two days/one night! With this hike, you are going to have the ability to enjoy sunset and sunrise at the lovely Crater Lake. Just like trekking Mount Rinjani excursions, this will be closed during the rainy season, so you should consult prior to booking.

Benang Stokel

Benang Stokel is located in the centre of the island, southwest of Mount Rinjani National Park. Following a 15 minute hike from the gate entrance, you’ll find that Benang Stokel is two soft waterfalls directly alongside each other. They are not the most potent drops, but the surrounding area is stunning.

Benang Kelambu

From the gate entry of Benang Stokel, it is possible to have a 35-45 minute increase to Benang Kelambu waterfall. If you’re short on time, as if we had been, it is possible also to have a local guide take you around the back of a motorbike. However you arrive, Benang Kelambu is a must! This pair of waterfalls are wholly stunning and one of our all-time favourite waterfalls!

Hike Pergasingan Hill

Another alternative to Mount Rinjani (or an addition if you are a fan of hiking!), Pergasingan Hill is situated in eastern Lombok. Pergasingan can be done in only a couple hours, but it’s recommended to go up in the late afternoon and camp on the mountain immediately. You’ll wake until the sun rises along with a great view of Mount Rinjani.

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