5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Rigging Service


NSW, local, and the national government has made efforts to transform Sydney into an economic precinct of global standard. The aim is to attract various industries to the region like aerospace, defence, advanced manufacturing, logistics and freight, health, agribusiness, tourism, and education. And these industries require the right rigging services to lift and move heavy industrial equipment used in their facility. The choice of rigging services in Sydney is vital for your project and should be taken by thoroughly analysing various factors. The factors are:

Company’s reputation

The reputation of a rigging company can be a vital determinant when you are opting for its services. Don’t be blindsided with empty promises and price offers that are too good to be true. You need to dig deeper to gather enough information about the credibility of the companies.

You can perform a simple online search regarding rigging companies near you. When you have shortlisted a few prospects, check customer reviews. If there is a mix of both positive and negative reviews, you can be assured of their authenticity. Also, pay attention to their approach to negative feedback. If they are dismissive or rude, move on with your search. 

You need to assess if the company has been involved in scandals or lawsuits and its approach to handling the bad press. By spotting the red flags at an early stage, you can eliminate the unreliable service providers and eventually opt for the one with a good reputation and track record.

Rigging equipment

With almost 160 rigging companies operating in Sydney, it could be difficult for you to find the right one. Like most contractors, you must also deal with tight deadlines and cannot spare time to source different equipment required for the project. So, it is crucial you choose a company that offers multiple product lines. When you find everything under one roof, it is easier to sort through different options and select the ones you need. Most companies have a website showing details of their online inventory. So, take a good look and make your pick.    

Extensive experience

When looking for rigging services las vegas, nv, choose the one with extensive experience in industrial maintenance, machinery moving, transportation, storage, and various other rigging capabilities. Also, vetted companies are familiar with rigging hardware issues and hence, choose the equipment that suits best for the project.

Experienced rigging operators having worked on multiple projects will have the best approach to meet the specific project requirements and minimise the chances of error. Moreover, years of experience come with the benefits of having an extensive business network, well-stocked inventory, and better resources.

Rigging equipment quality

Checking the quality of rigging equipment is a vital factor to consider. A service provider using low-quality and cheap rigging equipment can lead to fatal accidents, extended downtime, and expensive repairs. High-quality rigging gear may cost more, but it will prove beneficial in the long haul. Make sure that the equipment used by the company is WHS compliant to minimise the chances of risks and fatal accidents on the site.

Customer service

Rigging emergencies can take place at any time and require immediate attention. The problem, when left unattended for too long, may result in safety hazards and major escalations. Hence, choose a company dedicated to providing effective customer service at any hour of the day. You must be able to contact them via email, phone calls, or chat whenever there is an emergency.

Take a note of the pointers mentioned above to set a benchmark for potential rigging services and choose the one that meets all your needs.