All-Time Favorite Movies for Engineering Students


Need a break from your engineering studies? Are you just an ordinary adult who is nostalgic about life in school? On aha, you can stream online Engineering-themed movies. Be inspired as you trod on the way to success when you watch films online about college times. In seeing through the tales of the characters, you’ll find a spark of aspiration and inspiration. Here is a run-down of three all-time favorites for Engineering students and not only three, But There are also many more movies to watch in aha movies.

Happy Days is a movie depicting the college years of eight engineering students who became close in the crests and troughs of university life. As the film continues, they share an emotional connection through their individual stories, sorrows, and struggles. Sekhar Kammula led the direction of the movie in 2007.

The Telugu-dubbed motion picture Raghuvaran B.Tech filmed by Velraj unfolds the perseverance of Raghuvaran, who finished Civil engineering but is lost in his career path. As he traverses the ills of the adult world, he armors himself as he faces difficult situations both in his familial affairs and work life.

Another Telugu-dubbed film is Anandam, a comedy and romance movie telling the student lives of seven soon-to-be engineers while on their field visits in their university courses. A flick of realizations, young adults, particularly, can fasten their interest in this movie. Ganesh Raj, in his debut, directed this 2016 feature.

Planning the solutions through life’s obstacles is a blueprint for success. Every effort put into the design of your voyage on earth is towards a goal far higher than your own. So muster up your courage, and everything will follow!

You could further fuel your tenacity when you watch movies you love on aha Cinema. You can not only watch Telugu-dubbed films but also stream all Telugu movie genres on aha.

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