Arbitrage Betting – When To Indulge In This Type of Betting




Arbitrage betting assures bettors of profit by strategic placement of sports bets. The strategy for this type of betting is dependent on the identification of arbitrage opportunities via “line shopping”. Arbitrage betting is also known by a few other names as “sure betting” or “risk-free betting”. 

This type of betting requires time, persistence, practice, and dedication, to execute perfectly. When done in the right way, arbitrage betting can result in one of the extremely worthwhile practices in the field of sports betting. This type of betting can assure you to have a greater fund!

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a kind of betting where you need to identify inadequacies in the betting market. This will get you to guarantee profit. Assignment of odds and possibilities to specific sports events is not a science. It varies between one sportsbook to another as you can’t expect perfect results in creation of odds when human element is involved. 

Successful arbitrage betting capitalizes on diverse types of odds on an event at 2 or more than 2 different sportsbooks. On successfully identifying discrepancies in odds through different sportsbooks, one can bet on all possible outcomes of a game. 

This is done in a way that provides a guaranteed profit. Ufakick is one of the safe and credible online modes to enjoy sports betting online. This platform also provides a channel to bet on online lotteries and baccarat.  

In technical terms, an arbitrage betting is a form of a hedge that either assures a profit or lowers risk. This form of a bet involves betting on various potential outcomes at a time. This enables a bettor to safeguard himself from financial dangers. Whatever be the condition, you are guaranteed to make a profit. 

Ways in which Arbitrage Betting can be done

The chances for an arbitrage betting appear when different books allot different odds to an event. In such a scenario, arbitrage betting is not possible to be executed without line shopping.

The different betting opportunities of an arbitrage betting arise in the below situations:

  • When bookmakers commit mistakes in their odds and only allocate the wrong odds to a game result.
  • When different bookmakers have varying views in regards to the possibility of any event.
  • When books adjust lines in order to entice equal action on outcomes.

What are the types of Arbitrage opportunities?

It is quite easy to recognize the opportunities through arbitrage betting if one uses American odds.

Here we have mentioned two methods to identify an opportunity in arbitrage betting:

  • When the “positive odds” are more than the “negative odds”
  • When the probability of both the results is less than a hundred percent. 


Arbitrage betting is tricky to implement successfully. So, it is important to ensure that you learn to avoid infringement from the sportsbook before you perform this type of betting. As the profit limit on arbitrage betting is less, ensure you are well-versed in maintaining and managing a decent bankroll before you delve into an arbitrage betting.