Could ayahuasca be Helpful fighting Parkinson’s disease?


 Parkinson’s disease is often a cause of concern among people and it is a pretty common ailment, particularly among the elderly people who already have a lot of co-morbidities.  This disease is gradual disorder of the nervous system which affects and disables bodily movements. The symptoms are hardly noticeable unless find your right hand shaking a little or a tremor in your left hand. Your speech can also become slurred or garbled with the onset of this disease. It is tragic but there is no permanent cure available for this ailment as yet. However, medications could definitely make your condition better.

 More details

The spirit vine of ayahuasca found in the Amazon rain forests is made into a healing drink by the tribal people for a long time. After a long term report of people being cured from psychological as well as physical issues, it has been considered experimenting whether this gift of nature can help battle Parkinson’s disease too. It has been noted interestingly enough that this psychedelic tea can definitely be considered to help cure this ailment. The cause of this disease is fall in the dopamine production of the basal ganglia of the brain.  It causes the lack of mobility or the motor symptoms which are mostly common in the people who have crossed sixty. In the days of yore, Parkinsons disease treatment has been a precursor of the dopamine called levodopa. However the consideration for other medication is being  thought of since the side effects of the levapoda may be too severe for many. This is the reason that ayahuasca is being considered as the plant drink is apparently being successful in bigger spheres.

Conclusive summary

The banisteriopsis caapi as a possible treatment for rigid-akinetic syndromes in the late 1920s was brought to light by a pharmacologist from Germany by the name of Louis Lewin. This pharmacologist demarcated a valuable part of the plant vine which is now termed harmine which is after the name he gave it as banisterine. Experiments and observations show that rigid movements improve but tremors are not curable. As per modern conclusions, harmine is productive in any kind of Parkinson treatment as there are no toxics present. However, more research is needed to further develop the same.  A treatment at the ayahuasca centers in Peru will surely rejuvenate your body and soul. Just a click and you will find everything you need to know about choosing an ayahuasca retreat.