Ethiopian kitfo, a hot meal from a hot country!


Have you ever heard about Africa? Have you ever heard about their traditions and the relationships between their traditions and their foods? Do you know something about Etiopia at all? ( Ethiopian Kitfo Recipe )

Kitfo African Food

Ethiopia is an African country.It’s capital city is Addis Ababa.Although it is mostly a rich country, most of the people are poor.They almost die from hunger. what very interesting thing is that one of their favorite foods is kitfo Raw beef with lots of pepper and butter and some kind of traditional cheese alongside with traditional flat bread. it’s a hot and chili dish.

They serve kitfo for special national days. white people who are dying from hunger eat this kind of food? It has a historical reason. From 1895 to 1896 there was a war between Ethiopian emperor and Italy.From 1974 to 1991 was is civil war of Ethiopia. during these wars lots of brave Warriors were died.So it could be because of tough Warriors Ethiopian people have kitfo. It is the symbol of brave soldiers and Warriors who Have defended Ethiopia.Another origin of this traditional food is Ethiopias’ climate.Ethiopia has hot and dry climate. in the most of dry countries people eat a lot of meat and their food is mostly hot With lots of pepper and other chili spices.

Kitfo Recipe

How do they prepare kitfo?

It has a very simple recipe. even you can make it by yourself at home without any special cooking tools or equipment.First of all buy some beef. Then clean and wash it very carefully. Remove fat from the meat. Next chop it into a small pieces and ground the beef. After that add a special chili pepper called mitmita. Mix them completely.

Then melt A very special Ethiopian butter With salt black pepper garlic powder and amount of mitmita.Blend the ground beef with that chili butter. then serve it on a warm plate and use green leaves of enset plant As a garnish. and traditional bread named can also serve it with traditional cheese or a hot sauce made with mitmita.There is another kind of kitfo Which is lightly cook and its name is leb leb.

There is one challenge in front of you. That is can you eat this food or not? it doesn’t have a good smell or even a good appearance. It is a strange food not for native Ethiopian But for strangers and tourists. it’s completely up to you. Have you ever tried a strange dish? If yes you can try kitfo.Keep in mind that This is perfectly a tasty meal. Some people get annoyed as they see it.Some others don’t care about it’s structure and appearance.If you are one of those people who Care too much about their health And can’t accept the risk of getting salmonella Never try this raw food.Another reason you might not eat this food Is because you have allergy to spicy food or you don’t like hot food at all.You can’t even change the recipe and omit the paper because the main suffering of kitfo is hot chili.Obviously it cannot be an appropriate choice for vegetarian or vegan people.

Kitfo is a traditional and remarkable cuisine of Ethiopia

Briefly we should say that Food is directly related to culture, history, traditions Or believes of the people and eve the climate of the country which the food is origin from.Not only flags but also Foods can represent believes,culturs and traditions of a nation. Kitfo is a traditional and remarkable cuisine of Ethiopia.As a tourist it is worse to try it once during your life.If you want to have a hot memory of a hot country in a hot Continent, so taste this chili hot food. If you’re American or European or even Asian you can taste it in your country at a special restaurant which served African food and enjoy your meal while you are sitting next to the window and surf the net and look at the pictures of Ethiopia, its people,their clothing and Just imagine that you are there. It’s easy. just close your eyes and decide.Or you can take a risk,wear your cooking dress and make it at home by yourself for you and everyone else who is interested of knowing about new cultures and new cuisines.

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