Exploring Top 10 Natural Attraction in Solo Indonesia


Solo is one of the cities in Central Java, Indonesia which deserves to be visited. The nuances of classic and traditional culture are still strong in this place. Solo is famous often several tourist destinations that are not inferior to other big cities in Indonesia. Here are 10 natural tourist attractions that you can visit during Solo. mild rivers

  1. Jumog Waterfall

Want to grab around waterfalls pouring down a pond and twisting into rivers that are mild? It is possible to do this in Jumog Waterfall, in which its waters come in Mount Lawu! Seated amongst verdant greenery all around, refreshing water slides30-meter-tall tree-tall fall, and people can quickly access the drops any time of the year. We advocate falling early in the afternoon to prevent the crowds and revel in the calm atmosphere (some people also come to meditate!).

At the same time that you’re able to jump from rock to rock closer to the falls, you could even appreciate its opinion in the bridge or even just jump to get a refreshing morning swim. The sight of these mythical waterfalls, which make their way through the moss and stones, will cause you to feel as if you are in a mysterious fairy universe! It costs 5,000 per individual or around USD 0.35

Contact: +62 812 1582 3237

  1. GrojoganSelondo

GrojoganSelondo is a little waterfall emerging out of stone formations, perfectly styled to make two small ponds in the base. It’s undoubtedly an incredible sight to behold and certainly something you’d want to improve your itinerary! As soon as it’s situated near the famous Selondo bridge, several vacationers know about the wonderful all-natural attraction.

Apart from being a fantastic spot to escape the city heat, in addition, this is where you may enjoy a relaxing afternoon out because it does not need a lot of effort to get here. You are able to elect to bring together a pair of floaties to appreciate a while at the freshwater ponds. We would not suggest skipping off the rocks; it may be harmful as the thickness of the water varies seasonally.

  1. JurangSundo Waterfall

There is nothing greater than halfway across a gorgeous waterfall, particularly in a state as sexy as Indonesia! Stepping to the cool waters supplies nearly supreme aid, and what is better is that they seem magnificent! JurangSundo is among many waterfalls around Solo, but it is incredibly unique. It has a man-made construction where the water is squeezed into a usual river on either side, and then right into a bass pond on the opposite! You’re the one to gauge if you dare swim together!

  1. CokroUmbul Ingas

At any time you find the term “umbul’, be aware you will be filled with some springs that are royal! Notably, at UmbulCokro, where you’re able to go on several distinct experiences. Spend time snorkeling and taking a look at the underwater environment, do not worry. There aren’t any fish here to tickle your toes.

If you’re searching for something a bit more thrilling, it is possible to tube down the river, in which you are going to encounter some rapids, however, likewise some moments in which you’re going to be sailing smoothly and cheaply! Certainly do not wish to miss out on this. It opens daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

  1. Batu Seribu (GunungSepikul)

Admire twin stone formations atop a mountain and see the sun go down a rug of expansive metropolitan areas. The environment is retained in its natural condition without the buildings on the site so that you can delight in an entirely unobstructed view of Mount Merbabu. This experience is twice as charming during sunset. Sunrise is equally magnificent since the sun gradually permeates throughout the clouds, even breaking during the cool morning mist.

Besides the relaxing character, this can be a vantage place where you can catch sight of the neighboring villages. A striking contrast in the hustle and bustle at Jogja, it is almost hard to envision the enchanting, tranquil oasis of Solo only two hours away from town.

  1. Tenggir Park

Tenggir Park is almost a playground for people who can not quit snapping away in their cameras! In reality, it’s called a wisata selfie (selfie tourism) destination. It is possible to take photographs with Instagram-worthy picture props and have amazing scenery as backdrops — a feast to the eyes! Can it be standing in a field of vibrant flowers, riding (and gliding) your way to the woods with an elevated bicycle, or flying via a flying rug just like Aladdin, your photographs will probably result in some unique keepsakes for your journey!

Do not miss the magnificent views from beneath the perspectives even though you’re here Tenggir Park is an enjoyable destination to research friends and loved ones. The entrance fee is about Rp. 10.000/ person or around $0.70. The spot is located at Candi Sukuh, Tambak, Berjo, Ngargoyoso, District of Karanganyar, Central Java.

  1. Bukit Gancik

Right on the very top of Bukit Gancik, then you are going to have to enjoy boundless views of this majestic Mount Merapi protecting from afar. You may even enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the neighboring tropical plantations out of many platforms. Situated on the slope of Mount Merbabu, Bukit Gancik could be accomplished via a simple hike, so it is ideal for households with children and older!

  1. UmbulPonggokKlaten

Here is your opportunity to see a magnificent selection of gaudy fish without needing to dive down deep into the sea! At the center of town, you’ll come across this famed water park full of countless brilliant fishes and other odd things you can detect underwater.

Even though it welcomes traffic audiences, the oceans are amazingly clear and retained in their natural condition, with stones lining their underside. And underneath the seas lies a whole new underwater world with unique photo props like theaters, television sets, bikes, notebooks, and many more!

If you’re craving to get an enjoyable leisurely time while at Solo, then this is unquestionably a fantastic alternative! We’d advise bringing together your holiday collection for cleanliness reasons. Together with all the giant tails and waterslides, UmbulPonggok can also be perfect for families with children! We must admit…even as adults, we’re huge fans of this water park too! If you’re eager for some experience, it is possible to elect to tr diving course bundles!

  1. Kedung Lumbung

If you are searching for an adventure, then visit Kedung Lumbung, where it is possible to swim and relax in a private stone pool beneath the surrounding character. Getting there might need some effort due to the slippery stone route, but the excellent perspective and experience will surely be rejuvenating!

Lounging at the pure dip pool is a relaxing encounter, but remember that the water may become very deep, so that we just advocate for proficient swimmers to enter (kids will also be advised to keep far!) . To genuinely immerse yourself in the serenity and natural splendor of Kedung Lumbung, then you may want to come early in the afternoon to enjoy better waters and prevent the crowds!

Also referred to as the Wonogiri Grand Canyon, preferring to enjoy the natural scenery in the stones rather than the pool could be equally refreshing. The pure dip pool stays like a stone inside the plant. A fantastic alternative to crowded shore pubs and resort pools, nature lovers will adore this wondrous charm which can make you feel refreshed!

  1. TelagaClaket

What is not to adore about visiting some hidden jewel which many tourists understand? Primarily visited with the natives, we feel that the gorgeous, tranquil lake concealed between mountains in TelagaClaket deserves additional attention. Located at a distant location, this enchanting lake is pretty far below the radar of the majority of travelers.

If you’re searching for an adventure, you can choose to lease a bamboo vessel to explore the lake. Crossing over into the other hand will direct you to Bukit Widodari, where you can delight in a bit of hike and marvel at scenic viewpoints! You might even stay here to get a meal since there are neighborhood stalls with freshly cooked traditional delicacies like chicken noodles and meatballs.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.