Guide to Planning a Funeral Service


Losing loved ones can be debilitating, but everyone experiences lossat some point in their lives. Therefore, it is essential to plan and create a funeral that ignites remembrance and togetherness so that our loved ones can truly rest in peace. 

Funeral services are not just done for tradition; they are done because we want to reflect on our dearly beloved’s life and the legacy they left. 

So, if someone you love and care about has passed away, and you do not know how to plan a funeral service, continue reading to find out more. 

Before the Funeral

You will first need to get a legal pronouncement of death. This document can be obtained depending on where your loved one died. For example, you can ask the doctor or nurse if they were in a hospital. If they passed away at home, contact their doctor for advice regarding the subsequent steps. 

Next, you will choose a funeral home to arrange services with. If your loved one has indicated a specific funeral home in their will, it is best to follow it. Otherwise, research various funeral parlors and select the one that suits your budget and needs. 

The funeral home can help you arrange the service according to your preferred timeline. They can also assist in completing a death certificate and filing it with appropriate parties. Furthermore, you will have to prepare the flow of the funeral service, such as readings of literary or religious passages, eulogies, and songs to be played or performed. 

Also consider the final disposition of their body. The procedure is carried out by cremation or burial, which can occur before or after a funeral. This is contingent on whether you want close friends and relatives to see their body through a wake or viewing. 

Various burial and affordable cremation services are available for caring for the deceased person’s body. Cremation uses high heat to transform the remains of the dead into ashes and is usually conducted in a cremation chamber. 

On the other hand, a burial consists of putting the body inside a casket and laying it on the ground. You can honor their memory with cherished items or get cemetery flowers near meand have them arranged. 

After the Funeral

Once the funeral is done, you may request copies of the death certificate and give them to financial institutions, banks, and life insurance companies. Also, remember to cancel or transfer credit or debit cards, subscriptions, and cellphone accounts.

You will also need to check if your loved one left a will. If they have, ensure that you fulfill it. The will includes their wishes regarding the distribution of assets, arrangements for surviving accounts, and who will care for their dependents if they have any. 

Most of all, be there for everyone grieving this devastating time. Losing someone you love is an overwhelming experience, especially if it happens so suddenly. Check-in with friends and family and ensure they are getting through the whole process alright. You can also consider grief therapy with professional grief counsellors such as A Kind Place to help you get through this tough period. 

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