How Can You Transport Your Golf Cart from One Location to Other


You must have seen a golf cart that is used by golfers around the golf course while playing the game. It is an electric/gas-powered vehicle that is used for transporting equipment. These carts are usually designed to meet the needs of golfers and these carts offer a few specialized safety features.

Ship a Car, Inc. can also offer you a golf cart delivery service if you need to transport to a certain distant location.

How to transport golf carts?

Depending upon your transporting service provider, there are different ways to either get the golf cart from the dealer or transport it to a different place other than your current location. The following are a few methods employed for transporting your golf carts

  1. Using any toy hauler

Those who have got access to a certain motorhome, which has extended your external cargo area can transport comfortably your golf cart by using any toy hauler.

  1. Transporting your golf cart by using a truck

If you have got a truck, which has an extended hitch, then you can place comfortably the golf cart at the bed of the truck and ferry it to wherever you like.

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The only disadvantage of this method is, it is difficult to transport the golf cart to a certain longer route.

  1. Pulling it by using any flatbed trailer

Flatbed trailers are designed particularly for transporting suitably any bulk cargo and also bulky containers. By using a certain flatbed trailer, it will be possible to ferry the golf cart comfortably from your pick up location to the destination.

While using such a flatbed trailer, it will be wise to remember that such types of trailers may lack walls and roofs to protect goods, hence you will require an extra cover or any strong holding material for keeping your cart secure and safe on the trailer sides.

  1. By using door-to-door delivery/pickup methods

With an open or closed transportation company, you can get an offer for transportation insurance during the transit of your cart.  Based on your agreement and also transportation cost, you can select your pickup and delivery options during transportation.

If you happen to live near the terminus of the transportation company or their delivery offices, then you may not prefer to incur an extra door-to-door delivery cost.

  1. By using any utility trailer

Utility trailers are the kind of unpowered vehicles, which are towed by any powered vehicles. You may hire any large utility trailer for transporting comfortably your golf cart, in case you want to transport for a shorter distance location.

  1. Location transportation method

Besides home delivery service and pickup service, a transportation company can offer location transportation choices that are much cheaper than a door-to-door approach.

With such a transportation option, you may agree with your transporting service provider for your opted location where you want your cart to be delivered.

In addition to that, the location transportation way can also offer an insurance policy for making sure that you will send or receive safely your golf cart.