How to Choose an UPS for your Computer?


A cost effective power strip safeguards your equipment from power hikes, but it doesn’t help you when you face load shedding and your system comes to a halt crash. You need a battery backup for it called uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Sudden power loss or power surge may damage your computer system or other electronic devices. Thus, in order to secure your computer against power supply problems, you require a battery backup. UPS units function like power strips to offer a buffer against electricity supply interruptions. It can range from several minutes to hours, depending on your unit size.

Desktop computers do not have built-in batteries like laptops. Thus, any power outage will bring your work to an instant halt. It also results in a lot of hardware pressures as it lays great stress on the hardware components because of immediate startup and shut down process. At this time, a UPS unit offers a short time window to help you gracefully shut down your system and keep it in hibernation mode. And, if your UPS has enough battery them you can continue working on your desktop without any stoppage.

Where do you require UPS in your house?

You can get tiny desktop UPS for your computer to run for 10 minutes or big UPS to run a complete bank server. The price ranges anywhere a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars depending on the UPS unit you are going to purchase. Depending on how many electronic devices you want to run, you need to place the UPS in your house.

How big UPS unit do you require?

In the lowest possible scenario, you need enough juice in your UPS to provide sufficient time to your computer to shut down properly. This is the absolute minimum acceptable. If your UPS doesn’t provide you with this much power capacity, then you are at risk of damaging your machine and experience loss of data.

In order to calculate your power need, you should evaluate the core system you need to keep during power loss. If you want to know it precisely, then use a power meter to assess the actual consumption pattern of every gadget.

If you are looking for a solid recommended UPS [แนะนำ เครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai] from professionals, then you should for a UPS unit with the features that you desire. When you narrow down your list to the best value per minute of runtime along with the different set of specs offered, then you choose a good and decent UPS for your computer system. It is enough power unit to be used in a home or office location.

You can opt for a model ranging from 850 VA to 1500VA. It is important to not to go for a very small UPS unit. Choose a mid-range UPS unit so that in case you want to add more load to it, then it can feasibly bear it without any additional burden and gives you enough power through till you get your lights back.