How To Renew The Insurance Of Your Maid


It can sometimes be challenging to find a domestic helper who will be suitable for the family. Therefore, many households in Singapore keep their maids so long as they can once they find the right fit for them. The recent pandemic has also made it difficult to recruit foreign domestic workers (FDWs) to serve as maids in Singapore.

The key to avoiding any legal implications is always to keep track of maids Work Permit (WP) and passport expiration dates, regardless of the reason or decision to renew the contract. FDWs often ask, “How long can an FDW stay after their work permit expires?”

You must renew or cancel the work permit promptly since a domestic worker’s work permit expires every double year. When you hire your maid through an agency, they will typically handle the process of administration, which can incur additional fees. There are a few websites that claim you can save more by renewing your maid’s WP yourself. Check cheapest maid insurance.

For a more thorough understanding of the process, we have provided all the relevant details, which includes the cost:

What Is The Procedure For Renewing The Work Permit Of My Maid’s?

Unless a WP is renewed every double year, an employer will be fined and liable for levy penalties. MOM (Ministry of Manpower) renewal letters are typically sent to employers before eight weeks to their expiration date. You may renew your Work Permit online when you receive the renewal letter. The MOM can extend your WP if you are unable to do so by the deadline. You must renew the WP before your maid leaves Singapore if she wants to travel before the date of expiration.

Before renewing the foreign domestic helper’s work permit, you will have to complete some steps, such as securing your maid’s insurance policy, including both Medical Insurance and PAI (Personal Accident Insurance).

Work Permit Renewal For A Foreign Domestic Worker

Before renewing your Work Permit, you will need the following information and documents:

  • Insurance that covers medical expenses
  • Insurance coverage for accidents
  • Bonds Of Security
  • The online renewal fee is charged via MasterCard, VISA, or a debit card that is direct.
  • Your helper’s passport should be valid and up-to-date (Ensure you scan any amendments to the information therein).

When the helper receives a new WP card, there will be information about how the card will be delivered securely, along with the mobile numbers and names that are like three authorized recipients.

Renewing the work permit of a maid involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: change or purchase maid insurance. In addition to the variety of insurance plans available, ensure that you have the minimum coverage requirements set by MOM for personal accident and medical insurance. Make sure the insurance policy of the maid and the WP have the same issue date. To ensure an issuance that is smooth of the information of the security bond, be sure to note all the details you provide in the application.
  • Step 2: Purchase a security bond. Additionally, the insurer can send the MOM the details of the security bond if this is purchased together with your maid insurance. Verify legitimacy before renewing WP by scanning the Security Bond Transmission Number. A copy of the Security Bond can be printed for your helper, or you can check its status online.
  • Step 3: Create a new contract of employment. If you need to make any changes to your maid’s employment contract, you can do this at this time. There should be details in the contract that are agreed upon by both parties. The employer and foreign domestic worker will also be able to communicate clearly and understand one another better.
  • Fourth step: Ensure all required documents are valid. If you are renewing her passport, make sure all documents, especially hers, are not about to expire. Employers and helpers should visit an embassy to purchase a new passport for the helper if it appears that it will expire soon.
  • Step 5: Send your application forms and supporting documents online to MOM and pay the renewal fee using VISA, Mastercard, or a debit card.

After Renewing The Work Permit, What Should I Do?

It can take a lot of time and effort to renew your maid’s Work Permit. The paperwork should be left to a reputable and experienced maid agency to keep yourself the hassle. Your WP should be renewed a few weeks before its expiration to avoid additional expenses. To ensure smooth re-entry into Singapore after your maid leaves home, make sure that the passport is not about to expire and that the Permit of the maid is renewed before she goes out of Singapore. Try maid insurance coverage Singapore.