Key Basics to Consider Before Installing a Modular Kitchen


The popular modular kitchen layouts incorporate several components such as multiple units of cabinets, floor units, wall units, gadget-storage spaces, tall-storage cabinets etc. The modular kitchens are a godsend and are duly designed to maximize and utilize maximum spaces in the kitchen. However, you need to keep in mind important and basic considerations before installing your modular kitchen in order to derive maximum benefits from your modular kitchen. These considerations are incorporating the golden triangle rule, determining the right type or shape of modular kitchen layout, use of low maintenance materials, storage compartmentalizing, considering a pantry, and good ventilation.

The golden triangular rule of the kitchen is based on the simple philosophy of arranging a few or namely three features or placing three key appliances strategically within four to nine feet distance as three basic focal points in the kitchen. The three components or appliances are (1) cooking or stove and oven, (2) preparation or sink, and (3) food storage or fridge. All designers take golden triangular rule as thumb rule since decades and believe that they are efficient and useful in a kitchen. 

In addition to the golden triangular rule, you need to consider types or shapes of layouts that suit your spaces. For example, look at an l-shaped kitchen layout and apply the golden triangular rule, you will ultimately find the position of oven or stove, the sink, and the fridge will form a triangle. You can further place a chair in between the triangle which will make it easier for accessing important components in the kitchen. The chair also will help you in working on your countertops and for other relaxing activities such as going through recipes, reading books, comfortably having a cup of tea etc. 

The basic purpose of a modular kitchen is to make the life simpler, easier and smarter. Therefore, you should consider low maintenance materials in your kitchen so that your life will be simple, easy and smart. One of the best options is the steel which is easy to clean, durable than other materials as well as the latest designs of steel are trendy. Other considerations in your modular kitchen are compartmentalising the storage, especially in a large family, along with a pantry or a cupboard or if available a small room where you can stock your foods, cutlery, and crockery where they will not perish and can be kept safely for a longer period.