Deck planters are used for raising or keeping plants that are positioned on patios and decks. There are different types of deck planters that are known for growing plants on the deck examples of such deck planters includes wooden deck planters, patio deck planters, terracotta deck planters, plastic outdoor deck planters, and also over-the-rail planters. In container gardening which simply means the usage of containers in raising a garden, most gardeners make use of a variety of deck planters for planting various types of plants. Deck planters serve well as planting options for people that have access to limited space to work with in gardening as the plants are grown in a container instead of growing in the ground. It is also a good option for apartment dwellers, wheelchaired gardeners, and also people that do not have a lot of time for gardening, these deck planters can be used for plants that need to be moved outdoors into the sunshine periodically.

Wooden deck planters are the most commonly known type of deck planters. The containers are either square in shape or rectangular and are always available in natural wood colors or painted wood colors. At the same time, some have additional wood inlay along their sides to make them pleasing to the eye. Because of the absence of drain holes in wooden deck planters, many gardeners choose to simply sit another pot inside the planter box and use the planter box for decoration.

Patio deck planters are deck planters that are used mainly by vegetable planters or gardeners. A patio planter has another bottom used as a water reservoir. The bottom is filled and the top container sits on top. The top container has holes in its base that allows the water to go into the soil. The water keeps the soil consistently moist and reduces the watering of plants as a regular water supply is important for vegetable plants during their production season.

Plastic outdoor deck planters are a popular choice both for ease and cost. Home improvement stores, garden stores, and discount retail chains all use plastic planters. The plastic containers are inexpensive compared to other deck planters and are available in various colors and designs. The only downside to plastic containers is they are lightweight, so if a large plant is used, the gardener must support the container bottom with gravel to prevent it from becoming top-heavy and tipping over.

Other deck planters also involve over-the-rail planters used specifically for decks.