Skyward Treatment Center: A Premier Addiction Rehab in Houston


Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction has a top-rated facility in Houston,Texas. At Skyward Treatment Center, addicts and those who care for them can discover hope. They can have a life free of addiction.  Our unique alcohol and drug rehabilitation center are located in Houston, Texas. You want to have a sober, responsible, dedicated, and promising life? We at Skyward are here to help you.

Why Should You Choose Our Houston Treatment Facility Over Others?

The elimination of drug reliance alone is not enough to promote long-term recovery from the disease.  Sadly, it is very common for people who have completed residential alcohol or drug rehab programs to return to the same surroundings where their substance addiction began without gaining the self-reliance and life skills they need to stay sober. All of our clients leave our program with the skills they need to flourish in the future.

In complement to the 12 Steps, our program has other spiritual elements.  Spiritual aspects like meditation and yoga are often regarded as beneficial for mental and physical health. Seeing spectacular dawn and dusk on our many acres property may generate a spiritual feeling of excitement and gratitude.  The miracle of sobriety confirms the existence of something far more significant than ourselves.

Skyward Will Offer You the Resources You Need to Succeed.

All parts of your life, especially your mental, physical, and spiritual health, are addressed in our Houston addiction treatment program.  You’ll learn new skills that you can use for the rest of your life, and they’ll be invaluable. Our programs will aid in the following ways:

  • Strength training through regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  • Maturity and successful navigating of life
  • Learning new perspectives that can help you have a healthier and more peaceful life.
  • Inspire yourself and gain valuable lifelong skills, methods, and experiences.

Our staff at Skyward are taught the importance of these values throughout their extended program.

Alumni Events and Activities

Our approach is unmatched in the industry. If have a history of relapse, the following aspects of the BRC Recovery rehabilitation programs in Houston make it an excellent choice:

  • In-house 12 Step healing programs for all clients for at least 90 days of home care and at least 12 months of aftercare observing.
  • A gender-specific approach to programs.
  • A family-oriented culture that embraces and includes relatives in all our recovery programs and alumni activities.

Skyward Treatment Center Is Here to Help You Improve Your Life.

By providing a well-structured rehabilitation facility and excellent assistance and guidance, Skyward Treatment Center acknowledges the need for aftercare planning.  Skyward’s alumni and their families are continually active with the organization long after the program has ended.

A successful recovery is defined by the ability to remain clean and advocate for others in need of support. Being a part of top addiction rehab centers and other substance rehabilitation centers has informed us that accomplishing the rehab stay does not mean full recovery. Relapse is a possibility if your health providers do not tailor an effective aftercare plan. Contact Skyward today.