The Best Cutting Boards for kitchen


If you are the person who loves cooking and is obsessed with lots of knives as lots of chefs do then you have different cutting boards as well. These cutting boards are necessary for you, for many good reasons. Like, it helps in working the knives perfectly. Often it happens, when you cut a particular vegetable or meat on a plate or surface like a counter, it dulls the working of knives. They don’t cut as perfectly and sharply, as they cut over the cutting board. So for the perfect slicing and chopping with any knife you preferred, you should have a cutting board in your kitchen. Further, they play a key role in food sanitation. Further to make your kitchen- a well-stocked kitchen, you should have several different cutting boards for the multitude of things you’ll need to cut. The cutting boards come in various sizes and shapes. You can buy one or two according to your usage and preference. Regarding selection, this block will help you choose the best cutting board that you can buy for your kitchen

1- John Boos Wood Cutting Board

The John Boos Maple Cutting Board is also called the “Boos Block” that comes with stunning wooden looks. This cutting board is made with high-quality maple, the Boos Block is strong, durable, and is much easier on your knives than plastic cutting boards. The 24-inch by 18-inch by 1.5-inch pick is large (and tall), it provides them plenty of room to hold multiple things at the time of preparing the meal. This board’s one side has the reversible board feature juice grooves while the other side is flat. Further, this board needs to be oiled before its first use and has to be clean after every use. You can buy more cutting boards like this with 6th Street promo code at much-discounted prices.

2- Novayeah Bamboo Cutting Board

Novayeah bamboo cutting board is one of the best cutting boards that offer cutting and organization with its organizing containers. This board comes with the 4 PET organizer trays. These trays are very durable and light in weight to move easily here and there. Along with this, this board has a feature that integrates juice grooves to catch excess juices and dripping from spilling onto your counter or table. This board is made with natural bamboo sticks. Thus, its chemical and water-free that making this cutting board more durable.

3- Karryoung Acacia Wood Cutting Board

As the name suggests, the Karryoung acacia wood cutting board is made of acacia wood that is known for its indestructible quality. The wood has a beautiful natural polish and a sweet smell. This cutting board comes with an ergonomic handle that makes sure that it won’t slip off your hands when you put chopped ingredients into the bowl. This is also known as a heavy-duty chopping board. As it is very thick and strong, it can easily stand with heavy meat at a time. Like, you can even have a complete turkey on it for thanksgiving. Further, this board is multipurpose and it can be cleaned easily.