The right Wedding Ring You would Love to Choose


The wedding ring is the main symbol of love and marital fidelity. This accessory is of great importance, which is why it has long been endowed with a sacred and magical meaning and is covered with many secrets, myths, signs and superstitions.

How to Wear Rings

Most couples in our country wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand. However, some people choose other methods. The wedding portal will share with you the most common signs and superstitions, and also answer the main questions related to the wedding accessory. Together you will figure out which ones are worth believing in and which ones are not, and you will also learn how to properly wear a wedding ring. The Cushion Moissanite Rings work perfectly in this case.

What Metal Should A Wedding Ring Be?

In fact, there are no prescriptions for the metal from which wedding accessories should be made. In the old days, newlyweds exchanged rings, which were made from various materials available and at hand. Only the meaning inherent in this symbol of love was important.

How to Wear Rings

Over time, rings began to be made of precious metals, symbolizing nobility and purity. Traditionally it is platinum, white or yellow gold, silver. You can often find jewelry, in particular, paired wedding rings, which combine several different metals. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, rely only on your own taste.

Can fancy wedding rings be worn?

Modern jewelers offer a huge selection of wedding jewelry for every taste. They differ among themselves both in color, presence or absence of precious stones, and in shape. Therefore, quite often young people ask themselves the question: “Is it possible to wear an unconventional wedding ring?”

Unusual wedding rings

There is a sign that the wedding ring must certainly be round and smooth. It portends the same smooth and even family life for newlyweds. And any detail, even engraving, can bring discord in family happiness. However, there are quite a few couples that can refute this belief. No amount of classic or unusual wedding rings can guarantee a successful marriage. First of all, it all depends on your feelings and compatibility of characters.

Should you wear your parents’ wedding rings?

Some families have a tradition of passing on wedding jewelry from generation to generation. This tradition is very touching, but at the same time it is important to remember that any rings, especially wedding rings, convey the energy and fate of their owner. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to wear a parent’s wedding ring is more “no” than “yes” especially if there were enough difficulties in their family life, because you risk repeating their fate.

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Are wedding rings worn before wedding?

There are many reasons to put on the ring before the wedding: so that relatives stop raising the topic of marriage, in order to push the guy to marry, etc. Therefore, some girls are worried about the question: is it possible to wear wedding rings before the wedding?

Pre-wedding engagement ring

For a long time, the wedding ring was considered a symbol of love and devotion to each other for people who decided to tie the knot. Another option for using the accessory is not welcome, because in this way you can frighten off your happiness. And if you do not believe in omens, then wearing a wedding ring before your wedding is not worth it at least in order to avoid conflicts with your boyfriend. Remember that everything has its time and there is no need to rush.

Which hand is correct to wear a wedding ring?

In our country, most people wear a wedding ring on their right hand, but there are also those who wear it on their left. The only difference is religion. Even in ancient times, people saw a direct connection between the left hand and the heart. But over time, when the representatives of the Orthodox Church separated from the Catholic, they tried to be as different as possible, so they introduced the custom of putting the ring on the other hand. There are no bad omens associated with the left or right hand, so you can wear a wedding ring on any of them.

Which finger should you wear your wedding ring on?

Some girls ask themselves the question: “I wear a wedding ring on my middle finger, is it possible?” The answer is no, you shouldn’t. There is a place for your wedding accessory – the ring finger. Even the ancient Egyptians considered him to be a guide straight to the heart. Therefore, if your ring began to subside, it is better to take it to the workshop and roll it up.

Can an engagement and wedding ring be worn on one finger?

On many women’s pens you can see a beautiful set of engagement and wedding rings. Those girls who like this combination may well wear both rings. There are no prescriptions or bad signs about this. It just so happened historically that the engagement ring replaced the engagement ring.

Is it possible not to wear wedding rings?

The tradition of exchanging rings as a sign of loyalty and love for each other has existed for more than one millennium, and wearing this accessory has a much deeper meaning than just showing “I’m married”. It is an important symbol of married life that should be near you.

However, there are cases when it is impossible to wear jewelry, for example, in connection with work. In these situations, you may want to consider other ways to keep the accessory with you but if you are wondering, “What if I’m not wearing a wedding ring?” Don’t worry. All bad statements are connected only with the moral side of the issue. Therefore, if you do not want to wear it, it is only your business. The main thing is to discuss it with your soul mate.

Can I wear a wedding ring around my neck?

Everyone has their own reasons for wearing a wedding ring on a chain. The accessory interferes with someone in everyday life or at work, during pregnancy or in case of injury, but someone just likes it. There are no bad omens on this score, so if you want to wear your wedding ring around your neck, you can safely do it.