What you can do if there is main water burst before the plumber reaches you?


A sudden water burst can frustrate you, though the water everywhere can cause damage to your property. Once you get the knowledge and prepared to deal with the situation. Hence, you can save valuable time and handle the burst with confidence.

  • Turning on the cold water faucets

Initially, you first have to turn on the cold water faucets and drain out the extra water but don’t forget about the toilets. 

  • Keep the hot water tap on

After that, turn off the hot water heater while draining out the hot taps. Moreover, letting the warm water coming inside can help in circulating the water pipes. By this, you can prevent the pipes to get frozen. 

  • Cleaning up the mess and document the damage

Sometimes, the clean-up mode stops for a moment resulting in damage to the water pipes. The documentation is required for insurance purposes in case your house gets damaged because of a water burst. Don’t forget to take the pictures. The documentation can also be a historical record to deal with future problems. 

  • Some extra tips for preventing the frozen pipes

Well, the prime reason behind the burst water is frozen pipes and causes high cost when it requires replacement. Hence, apart from the above ones, some additional tips will save you time, money, and headaches. 

  • Allowing the water to reach the pipes and prevent freezing. 

If you are away from the house, ensure that the temperature must remain above the freezing point. 

  • Installing the pipe sleeves or heat tape so that the pipes get exposed for the insulation. 

For performing all, it is better to hire professionals who can easily find the pinhole defects that can lead to frozen pipes. 

If you think you can do all of them on your own, then you are wrong because the process can be tricky. With Wolfers Heating Repair Services, it is easy to find out the tiniest leaks quickly. To contact our expert team, you can visit our website or call us. We serve you in the best way possible by offering excellent repair services.