3 Things Photographers Won’t Tell You


Like many other business persons, photographers also have certain things they will not reveal to you. If you are close to some photographers, you might have noticed these things at one time or the other. But for those who aren’t too close to photographers, they might have no idea about these things. Now, what is it that photographers won’t tell you:

They Feel Excited When You Book

When you book the service of a photographer, they feel so happy because it’s just another cash coming into their pocket. This, you might not notice when you meet them as they’ll try to conform themselves. When a photographer get notified that you are booking their service, they feel elated.

Sometimes Consultations Feel Like A Job Interview

When you invite a photographer to know more about their service before you finally give out the job of covering your wedding, they sometimes feel like they are on a hot seat. They often want to ensure that you’re convinced that they are the right fellow for your job. As a result of this, don’t be confused when you see them trying to impress you with all sorts of big technical terms. When you finally decide to check their previous work, you see them bringing out the best of their work just like a job seeker trying to convince his interviewer about his actual ability.

They want to hear your views about the photos they took: photographers always want to know what you have in mind about the pictures they took. They feel ecstatic when you praise their work. To ensure your satisfaction, they do all the necessary camera settings before proceeding to make those beautiful pictures; hence, they want your approval. When else you seek the service of a photographer, you can do well by praising their excellent work. But if you aren’t satisfied as well, do not hesitate to let them know so that they can improve their quality of service.