The Benefits of Becoming an Italian Citizen Via an Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

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We aren’t trees and thus aren’t rooted in one place. If you aren’t happy or satisfied with the way things are and where you are, then you can move and one great place to move to is Italy.

Italy has a lot to offer to interested residents of all backgrounds and interests. While the big cities and tourist hotspots of Venice and Rome may be the most expensive places to live in Italy, many are surprised that in relation to other major European destinations, these places boast a significantly lower cost of living. Italy also boasts a very agreeable Mediterranean climate, fresh and delicious cuisine, and an outstanding location in the southern heart of Europe with ready access to many other European Union countries.

Ready to pack your bags? The following is a more in-depth look at some of those key benefits of becoming an Italian citizen and why you should start the process today with an Italian Citizenship Assistance Program:

The Benefits of Becoming an Italian Citizen Via an Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

  • Enjoy bigger and better employment opportunities without work visa headaches. Whether you’ve already started working in the EU or are just starting to look for employment opportunities, Italian citizenship can help you secure bigger and better employment opportunities both within Italy and outside. That’s because many professional groups offer opportunities first to EU citizens, which you will be included in with Italian citizenship.
  • Obtain access to quality medical benefits, including comprehensive healthcare. Outstanding healthcare access is another great benefit of becoming a citizen of Italy and thereby a resident of an EU country. That’s because every EU resident gets a European Health Insurance card free of card and that card offers access to necessary health care services in any EU country.
  • Easier access to buying property. There is a lot of red tape for buying real estate in Italy. Which is understandable! Italy isn’t as big as the United States and thus there is only so much gorgeous land and landscapes open for sale. Understandably, they want that property foremost to go to Italian citizens and to achieve this goal, the path to buying real estate from abroad is very, very complicated. But once you become an Italian citizen through an Italian citizenship assistance program, the process of purchasing Italian property becomes a lot easier with a lot fewer paper headaches.

Get Started Today with an Italian Citizenship Assistance Program

We are just getting started with all the benefits that come with being an Italian citizen! Contact us to learn more about what comes with Italian citizenship and how you can fast-track your application by working with our qualified Italian citizenship assistance program.