A Complete Guide On Selecting the Right Funeral Flower Wreath


Funeral flowers are large, formal or informal floral arrangements which are sent to funeral home or showcased at the funeral or graveside. They are sent as a tribute to the pass out person. So, when you are planning to attend a funeral, you may be thinking about the kind of funeral flowers you should go for.

Usually small or big plants, combination plants or flower vases in stand or casket spray are chosen for this purpose. Here is a helpful guide for you to choose the right flower wreath for your situation.

Kind of funeral wreath:

  1. Funeral sprays are big, flat bouquets of large stem plants which are made to be viewed from one side. If you are using short-stemmed plants, wires add length to it. Usually they are available in single-ended and double-ended designs for funerals. You can also place small sprays in the casket.
  2. Floral arrangements can be chosen from a variety of options which has cut flowers combined together in a bouquet or basket or wreath. Further you can arrange it in different shapes like cross or heart.
  3. Live plants are another option for you. It comes with a symbolic meaning because it will continue growing. You can choose a small or big plant.

Considerations to choose the right flower wreath

You have some wreath flower etiquette rules which needs to be followed while sending flowers. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing flower wreath [พวงหรีดดอกไม้, which is the term in Thai]:


It is your relation to the deceased which will help you choose the kind of funeral flowers you should buy. The closer they were to you, the grander it should be.

Usually the closest family members purchase the biggest and most important heart-shaped wreaths, large sprays and casket sprays. However, if you are a casual friend or colleague of the deceased, you may go for smaller arrangements like small wreaths and flower baskets.


Think of the funeral nature and vibe. Find out whether it is a traditional or contemporary celebration. Sometimes people ask you to stay away from classic white lilies and red roses and opt for flowers which represent the person.

Funeral type

Also consider the kind of service, it is going to be. At times, there are different needs for flowers. For instance, if it is cremation service without any burial, then wreaths can easily be taken home and are more suitable.

In the conventional burial service, you can choose same flowers but go for the one with a stand so that you can leave them at cemetery. You can also choose wreaths for décor on the side of the grave.

Religious aspect

If the deceased was religious, then ensure that you take their beliefs into consideration. Make sure the wreath flower arrangement includes flowers and flower arrangements acceptable there. When you pay attention to these small preferences, it will ensure that you send the right flowers to the deceased.

So, go ahead and check out the collection now and place your order.