Air Cooler Fan – How To Cut Running Costs In Half


When the temperature gets higher, we seek out ways to keep ourselves cool. Most people use the traditional air conditioning unit because they keep the heat at bay without fail. However, they tend to rack up the energy bills, which is why an air cooler fan is a better alternative. The cost of running an air cooler fan is significantly lower than running an air conditioning unit. Even with that, many factors could affect the running cost of an air cooler fan. These factors could make the running costs significantly higher than they should be. If you would like to discover how you can run your air cooler fan on a low budget, keep reading this article for tips.

Cooling Range

One thing that could cause your running costs to be high is the space the air cooler fan is cooling. Most air cooler fans state the range which they can cool at once. Therefore, you need to look out for an air cooler fan that isn’t larger than the space you need to cool. The quantity of space determines the model you should buy. Doing this will save you lots of funds in the future by cutting down on warning costs.

Reduce the Thermostat Settings

When your thermostat setting is high, the air cooler fan works extra hard to keep the space cool. That’s why you should remember to lower the thermostat’s setting when running the air cooler fan. One effective option you can try is to keep the thermostat around seventy degrees. In a way, this could help you save a notable percentage of your air cooler fan’s running cost.

Carry Out Simple Maintenance

When you take the time to clean your air cooler fan periodically, it could save you lots of money on running costs. You can wipe down the fan blades of any dust that might be sticking to them. You can also check the cooling pads and wipe off every dirt and pollen on them. Also, check your water tank and make sure that the water tank is clean. You could drain it and wash off mineral deposits that might have been caused by hard water. When you regularly carry out maintenance on your air cooler fan, it will keep it running efficiently. It will also prevent any breakdown that might cost you more money in the future.

Keep the Windows Open

Sometimes in the summertime, the nighttime brings a cooler temperature. You could turn off your air cooler fan in times like this and enjoy the cool air coming through the window. Doing this will help fresh air circulate your home, and the best part is it costs you nothing. You should only turn on your air cooler fan when it is really hot. The natural cooling process of opening the window comes in handy at nighttime.