Tamannah’s 11th Hour Telugu Web Series About Corporate Drama


Have you ever felt annoyed when a crime thriller movie ends swiftly? Not to worry, as the production houses are now focusing on making more web series related to crime thrillers or romance to keep the audience engaged for some time. You can get to watch such fantastic thriller series on online platforms. With the increase in demand for bi-lingual web series, various OTT platforms are now based on specific native languages. For example, the aha app is the best OTT platform for Telugu language lovers to watch the latest crime thriller movies. The app is streaming one of the best crime thriller web series known as:

11th Hour

It is the best-rated Telugu crime thriller series available to people online. The lead character is played by the well-known South Indian film industry actress Tamannah Bhatia. It was her debut web series on the Telugu OTT platform. The series is focused on the life of a businesswoman who dreams about people’s progress but encounters a challenging problem soon. Her life took a turn on a single night when she had to pay a large sum of money to the bank. The entire series is based on the crime and thrill involved in the corporate world.

The series finally released after its delay on 8 April 2021, with a running time of 19-34 minutes for each episode of the season. The first season consisted of eight episodes with exquisite class acting by Tamannah on screen. The series is produced under the production house of Introupe Online by Pradeep Uppalapati. He has also perfectly written the script of this series. The well-known Indo-American film director Praveen Sattaru has shown exceptional talents in directing the entire series. Mukesh G has done the cinematography of the series. DharmendraKarakala does the editing.

With the outstanding portrayal of acting skills, Tamannah did justice to her character of Aratrika Reddy. A few other actors and actress starred in the series are AdithArun as Peter D Cruz, Vamsi Krishna as Siddharth Singh, Jayaprakash as Jagannath Reddy, PavithraLokesh as Gayatri Reddy, AnirudhBalaji as Prince Sadiq, Roshni Prakash as Ragini, Shatru as RajvardhanRathore, Madhusudhan Rao as Madhusudhan Reddy, and many more. The music of this web series is composed by Bharatt-Saurabh. Going to the storyline in this series:

Aratrika Reddy, the chairman of Aditya Group of Companies, is an ambitious and innovative lady who wants to develop the country. She works on her dream project to provide a clean, safe and efficient power supply to all the citizens of our country at a much affordable price. She planned to do so with the help of AHNR technology. On a sudden night, her dream seems detached by some unfavorable circumstances in her life. Due to some political conspiracy, Aratrika and her company’s shareholders became liable to pay a sum of Rs 9000 crores to the Imperial Bank by the next dawn to save her company from liquidation. She receives many helping hands from close associates, but she denies them with belief in some miracle.

Why does Aratrika wait for a miracle in case of such a big decision? Is there any plan involved? What happens next? To get answers to this question, watch Telugu webseries online on the Aha app today.