Can Pearl Bring You Good Luck Through Feng Shui?


Most of the people relate various gems with their luck too and pearl is not an exception to that. However, few Feng Shui experts often tell that pearls may bring bad luck which is not really true.

For some people, pearl jewellery may bring bad luck but for many, pearl has brought good luck too. Whether they bring good luck or not, pearls are definitely the most impressive gemstones.

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There is a belief that the energy of pearls will complement your energy too. Particularly, if you have chosen to wear pearl that is natural or cultured from the sea oysters.

Nowadays, there are lots of plastic made or other false pearls available that does not have any energy like a real natural pearl may offer.

So, how do you know that the pearl jewellery you have selected will really improve your Feng Shui energy or not?

If you are buying any pearl jewellery with the intention to enhance your Feng Shui energy then following are the two factors that you need to consider.

  1. Few essences of pearl jewellery

Following are few important energy attributes about the pearl:

  • Flexibility
  • Fluid motion
  • Flow
  • Purity
  • Rare beauty
  • Subtle nourishment
  • Water

There may be few differences between saltwater pearls and fresh water pearls however the essence remains the same.

As per the experts of gems, the pearls that are wild will carry more amount of Feng Shui energy as compared to cultured pearls.

However, natural pearls can be too difficult to find and also their price can be significantly higher.

  1. How your personal energy can be influenced by pearls

If you are looking for pearl jewellery to improve your energy on Feng-Shui-wise then first of all you have to consider about your own energy first. Just like in your home, every piece of décor must be well suited.

Same rule will also be applied while choosing your pearl jewellery particularly for Feng Shui purpose.

During ancient time too, people used to choose various metals, crystals, gems and stones based on the individual energy properties.