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Exploring the Natural Wonders in Solo


Solo also has many natural wonders that are worth to be explored. Here is the list of places to explore in Solo for the first time. You might even want to stay for the weekend!

  1. Batu Seribu (Gunung Sepikul)

Admire twin rock formations atop a hill and watch the sun go down a carpet of expansive paddy fields.

The environment has been retained in its natural condition with no buildings at the vicinity, so you can enjoy a completely unobstructed view of Mount Merbabu, an adventure which gets twice as magical throughout sunset.

  1. Grojogan Selondo

Grojogan Selondo is a little waterfall emerging from rock formations, perfectly carved to shape two small ponds at the base. It is undoubtedly a magnificent sight to behold and definitely something you would want to improve your itinerary!

As soon as it’s situated near the famous Selondo bridge, few tourists know of this beautiful all-natural attraction.

Besides being a fantastic spot to escape the city heat, this is also where you can enjoy a relaxing day out because it doesn’t require too much effort to get here.

  1. Stroll through flower fields, feign to become Aladdin and ride a bike in the air — Tenggir Park

Tenggir Park is almost a playground for those who can’t stop snapping away in their cameras! In reality, it is called a wisata selfie (selfie tourism) destination at which you can take photos with Instagram-worthy photo props and have beautiful scenery as backdrops — a feast to your eyes also!

Is it position in an area of colorful blooms, riding (and gliding) that your way to the woods with an elevated bicycle, or flying via a flying carpet like Aladdin, your photos will result in some really special keepsakes for your trip!

  1. Bukit Gancik

Right at the top of Bukit Gancik, you’ll get to enjoy endless views of this majestic Mount Merapi guarding against afar.

You may even enjoy lovely unobstructed views of the surrounding exotic plantations out of many platforms.

Situated on the slope of Mount Merbabu, Bukit Garcia could be reached via an easy hike. It is perfect for families with kids and the elderly!

  1. Umbul Ponggok Klaten

Here’s your opportunity to see a vast array of brassy fishes without having to dive deep down into the ocean! In the middle of the city, you’ll find this famed water park full of numerous colorful fishes and other unusual items you could discover underwater.

Though it welcomes audiences of visitors, the oceans are surprisingly bright and kept in its natural condition with rocks lining its bottom.

And beneath the waters lies a whole new underwater world with unique photo props such as scooters, television sets, bikes, notebooks, and many more!

If you’re craving for a snorkeling fun time while in Solo, this is definitely an excellent alternative! We would recommend bringing along your snorkeling collection for cleanliness reasons.