Johar Trending High Among Best Political Movies On Aha..



In latest Telugu movies online, very less number of movies come under Political drama.  While searching for the political drama movie, the options are very less.  A very recent movie Johar made in the genre of political drama and the movie became a super hit at OTT platform Aha movies.  Still it’s trending high among movies on aha.  Johar turns a special one in the latest Telugu movies online.

Johar is the film that owns the talk of the feel-good film in the pre-production stage itself. The movie did not reach theatres due to the lockdown of Covid 19. As a reason for this, Johar released directly through Aha movies.  Let’s check the story plot, performances of artistes, technicality and highlights, etc before browsing for this at movies on Aha.


With the untimely death of AchyutaRamaiah (Chalapathirao), who was serving the state as Chief Minister, his son and young leader (Chaitanya Krishna) takes over as CM.  To prevent the anarchy and factional politics of his father from coming out.. he shrugs his shoulders trying to make him a god. Attempts to build the tallest statue in the world and turn him into a god are short of funds. The young CM, who is adamant to do what he wants anyway, cuts back on welfare schemes.

For the poor, what problems did the players face in trying to turn his father into a god? The education and agricultural sectors are mired in crisis. The lives of a freedom fighter (ShubhalekhaSudhakar), a sportsperson (NainaGanguly), a poor farmer (Ishwari Bhai), and a student (Esther Anil) who runs a charity are ruined. The story of Johar is the answer to the question of how the decisions taken by the Chief Minister put an end to their lives.  To see the movie you have to browse movies on Aha.

Browse the movies on Aha and find Johar in latest Telugu movies online

Artistes’ Performances:

Chaitanya Krishna as a young CEO, Ishwari Rao as a poor farmer, ShubhalekhaSudhakar as a freedom fighter, Esther as an athlete, Ankit Koya and Rohini as a journalist played their roles effectively. Every character in the film is 100% successful in performing emotions. Each actor excelled in their role.


Point picked up by director TejaMarni .. The way the stories were woven around it mirrored his talent. Hats Off to the way he unveiled his story on the silver screen. Jessela tells the story as everyone thinks, and the emotion embedded in the characters conveys his social consciousness.

Cinematographer Jagdish’s performance in the technical department is awesome. The scenes are filmed to immerse the audience in an ongoing story with many variations. Lighting and rain effect shots make the scenes more emotional. The background music is impressive. Sandeep Marni, Ratnaji Rao Marni production values are good. The dialogues thought-provoking.


It’s a director’s movie.  Story, screenplay and Direction are the main highlights for this movie.  The approach given to the four stories in the climax touches hearts.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Chaitanya Krishna, Eshwari Rao, NainaGanguly, Esther Anil, ShubhalekaSudhakar, Ankit Kya, Rohini

Screenplay & Dialogues: TejaMarni



Producer: Sandeep Marni, Ratnaji Rao Marni


Johar is a socially conscious film about the welfare of the poor and the atrocities committed by the rulers for selfish ends and selfishness.

Browse the movies on Aha and find Johar inlatest Telugu movies online.